This is where you can do some research and check out various places, aliens, and more!  Who and where are we? Click and find out!

What Planets are Out There?

It's a big universe!  Tons of galaxies, solar systems, planets, and more, right?  So what planets have we already found?  Check them out!

What Alien Species Have We Uncovered?

Given the number of planets that are out there, along with the higher than expected rate of life, the equation for life in space reveals that there should be hundreds of thousands of intelligent aliens out there, many of which will be similar to our own, but with some unexpected differences.  Which ones has Karne encountered? Check them out!

What Ships and Vessels Do We Have?

We have a lot of types of vessels, as well as some major players.  Learn more about scout vessels and war vessels all here!  Check them out!