Ah yes, the sprawling galaxy of alien races.  Looking at the classic equation for life expanded upon by luminaries such as Carl Sagan, we knew that given the sheer number of stars in the galaxy, the equation for intelligent life, which would look at number of systems with planets, the percentage of those planets in the life band, the percentage of those with conditions for life, the percentage of those on which life arose, the percentage of those in which it was intelligent, and then the percentage it was highly intelligent, didn't kill itself off, and exists right now are all very small.  But even if every single one of those percentages is tiny, the given starting number for all of the stars out there is so high that the galaxy should be teeming with intelligent life.

And recent studies, exploration, and investigation is showing that more and more planets are out there than we suspected, many of which appear to be capable of life.  And given that Mars may have had at least microbial life at some point in time and we are 2 for 2 in our own solar system for life, so the early percentages appear to be better than we had initially thought, which makes a huge change to the estimated number of intelligent species out there.

Space may be more of an ocean, warmly embracing life both seen and unseen, rather than the cold and desolate tundra we feared.

So we have a lot of intelligent life here!

And as soon as we meet some in a game, we'll check it out here too.

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