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This project was 11 years in the works.  I was largely unsatisfied the lack of truly epic aspects to the science fiction genre, both in video games and elsewhere.  I dreamed of a video game that would do everything and embrace a variety of genres as the story called for it.  Then it hit me.  I could do it by writing my own story, but connecting the various video games together in one giant dynasty.  And even better yet, I could invite you on that journey!

Your Involvement

The great thing about The Century Project is that you choose your level of involvement.  I know a lot of folks will be content to just read along and enjoy the journey, and that's fine!  Others may play occasionally, but won't likely be doing anything outside of that.  Finally, we have a third group that is going to just embrace the journey and play every little thing we have here, and really talk about what that was like for them.  Choose your own level of involvement!


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My Frustrations

Have you ever been frustrated at the Deus Ex Machina that is brought out to conclude a supposedly epic plot line in fantasy or science fiction?  I know I have been.  I’ve long been frustrated at these story lines where a small, underpowered group of white hats take out a massively huge and powerful set up of black hats with some version of essentially a Magic Potion.  Luke Skywalker manages to defeat the Death Star with a minor design flaw.  The super powerful Sauron and his empire are all destroyed by tossing his jewelry into a hot stove. This happens countless times. It seems writers love to put their heroes in a place of danger so severe that nothing can get them out. Then the Magic Potion arrives and all are saved.

But life does not have Magic Potions. We weren‘t able to win World War II by teaching Hitler the power of love. We had to do it the hard way.

For years, I had a vision of a video game that wouldn’t pull this stunt. An epic plotline that would build, slowly. There is no glowing red button that you can use to blow everything up. There is a massive power, and you need massive power to match it. You need greater power. There was no magic ship or old space station which, if destroyed, will free the galaxy. There was no person to assassinate in order to save the world and end the threat. There is no code of honor that allows you to challenge the big bad in one on one combat in order to end the conflict.There is no signal being sent out from one point that can be disrupted to end it all.  There are no Magic Potions, and no design flaws.

The Century Project Begins


The Century is born from the death of his world, from the destruction of Humanity. He has been given no assignments, he has no quest tree, and he is stranded in an unknown place. I envisioned a video game that would take him through explorations, adventures, and wars. I envisioned the video game with RPG elements for Karne, first person exploration, flying and fighting in various crafts, including space (which should feel and play different than dog fighting in atmospheres), real time strategy elements when needed, fighting simulations, and more. There are times when this game should resemble an RPG, times when it resembles Starcraft, times when it resembles Mortal Combat, times when it resembles Half-Life, times when it resembles Wing Commander, and times when it resembles lots of other games and genres as well. Knowing that this would not be able to be made, it just sat in my mind for a good long time. A story untold, but often thought of.

Then I realized that I could do the story. I just have different video games represent the various actions of Karne. I can have a dungeon explored in one, a map or mission in another, a stage in a third, and perhaps the occasional game done from beginning to end to expand the story. Once I came up with that idea, I began to put my plans into action. What disciplines would actually be in the 100? What was the timeline? What games would I use? As I fleshed this out, the idea of this Project became obvious.

The Century Project is designed to be semi-interactive. You can play along with The Century’s story as I do. You can load the games I play, grab the mods I have, and hopefully, sometimes, download the save file I used in order to play through that section of the game. You can play at my pace, or not. You can relax and take it slow. Feel encouraged to play just some games or all games. Or, just follow the storyline in screenshots and exposition. You determine your own level of involvement in Karne’s story.

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Meet the Abe

Hello all!  My name is Abe Sargent, a native of southern West Virginia.  I grew up along the Coal River, nestled in the embrace of the Appalachian foothills.  In addition to writing for various websites, working for various universities, and doing several odd jobs here and there, I have always, always, always, been a passionate gamer.  Board games?  Check!  Video games?  Yup!  Card games?  Role Playing Games?  Wargames?  Sports?  Absolutely!  If it's a game then count me in!


Abe Sargent

Gamer, and Writer of the Century Project

I have written and been published for various games, from BattleTech to HeroClix and more.  But the majority of my work is writing for various Magic the Gathering sites, including,,, and even once for the mothership Wizards of the Coast.   I've been published on homepages of other major companies like WizKids Games for HeroClix and more.  You can check out my BattleTech writings at among other places.  I've also written for Scrye Magazine and Beckett's Magic Magazine.


Are you ready to find out all about Karne?